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Missile Command Remix Contest!

Missile Command is holding a remix contest, and we want you to participate! Even if you've never touched a digital audio workstation before, we want to hear what you can do to our songs! Beginning January 1st, we'll be sending out remix packs to everyone who signed up at The rules are simple:

1. Missile Command owns all submissions

2. All entrants are allowed to made cd-rs, download and stream their remixes wherever they want (no other uses), so long as they're given away for free, without any charge, and licensed under Creative Commons. We can do the same.

3. We will, however, solely own and control all rights to the winning entries. We can use and sell them in any way we like without payment to the winners.

In the end, we're fairly relaxed about these rule 2, as long as you e-mail us and let us know.

How it works:

1. Go to and fill out the form. When you hit "Submit", your e-mail application will open with all the details and an address to send it to. Just click the "send" button. This is done because we're too lazy to learn PERL scripting.

2. On and after January 1st, we'll send you a link to the remix pack of the song you want to remix. This is a zipped file full of high quality mp3s.

3. Remix it as much as you want/can. If you've never done any remixing before, now is your chance to have fun. If you're running a Mac from the past four years, you already have GarageBand on your computer and can use that to go nuts with. Otherwise, Google "free DAW software" and look around. You can even download timed demos of popular programs (FruityLoops, Acid, etc). A great resource for free music apps is They have freeware audio apps and plugins for both Mac and PC. Unfortunately, if you're new to this whole thing, you'll have to find your own help and resources, as we are unable to provide tutorials. Still, this gives newbies a chance to poke around and have some fun.

4. We'll be posting a location to send your remixes in the coming weeks. Please send them as either .WAV, .AIF, .MP3, or .OGG. Please use a high bit rate on those .MP3s and .OGGs (192 or better). Please zip the file along with a text file of your real name, the nom de plume you wish to go by, the original song name, and the remix name of the song. DO NOT E-MAIL THEM TO US, as we won't be accepting e-mailed submissions. If you prefer to mail us a CD of the mix, that's fine, too. We'll post a mailing address on the submission page as well.

5. The deadline is midnight April 1st, 2009. We'll be shutting down the submission site then.

6. We'll be posting the resulting remixes in waves every week, and blabbering about them on our site, as well as our FaceBook, LiveJournal, and MySpace pages.

7. Three lucky remixers will have their mixes featured on our next full length album, "THE FUTURE", due out whenever we finish it.

That's really about it. We're looking forward to hearing what everyone can do!

Andrew, Jim, Dawn, and Lori

-=Missile Command=-

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